Scam Alert : Spot it before they Spot you!

We are discerningly mindful about a concerning rise in activities where impostors claiming to be from the Keasis Recruitment function are preying on job seekers by posting made-up job openings or reaching out with fake job offers. In some instances, they have reportedly gone as far as conducting fraudulent interviews to obtain personal information or money from unsuspecting applicants.

Additionally, there is a reported rise in incidents where applicants are offered job opportunities in lieu of paying sums of money. While we are directing our best efforts to put a curb on such malpractices, it is crucial that candidates who wish to apply at Keasis remain vigilant and aware.

Therefore, if you receive any unsolicited or suspicious communication regarding a job offer or interview call that requires payment of money, please immediately abort it as a potential scam.

To guard yourself further, we recommend you verify the source and authenticity of any interview call by visiting official Keasis social media or contacting the company directly.

Keasis endorses merit-based recruitment at all levels and shall never at point during or after the hiring process solicit any money.

The hiring process involves at least one interview (virtual or in-person), and Keasis does not conduct interviews on instant messaging applications.

Keasis Recruitment always communicates from email addresses that end with the domain “”. In case any email from a Gmail/Yahoo etc. domain is sent for a job offer or interview call, it should never be entertained as authentic official communication from Keasis.

Keasis shall never request personal documents like bank account details, tax forms or credit card information as part of the recruitment process.