We help our clients develop scalable, customizable and simplify powerful Robotic Process Automation

Our automation solutions start from strategy creation to implementation, deployment, and maintenance of RPA solution. We have worked with different industries to assess and design, strategize and implement and support RPA implementations.

Bot Development and Support
We have the expertise to develop bots for several Business, IT and Infrastructure processes (for example, HR, Finance, Data Manipulation, Report Generation and Deployment). Clients can undertake effective SLA tracking and resolve issues quickly with our support services.

Setting up CoE
We can help you to setup RPA CoE with complete support on assessment, design, development and deployment of robots. Our team can build a governance model and can run RPA pilot.

Management of Digital Workforce
It is critical to manage your bots and human workforce, efficiently without any digital workforce, Keasis can give you a dashboard which will help you manage bot-human processing in a more controlled manner.

Manager industrial engineer using tablet check and control automation robot arms machine in intelligent factory industrial on real time monitoring system software. Welding roboticts and digital manufacturing operation. Industry 4.0 concept

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